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About us

A team of specialists for bespoke solutions

Up close and personal, contemporary business change – welcome to consulting with full stack responsibility.

Successful in terms of customer orientation means responding flexibly and purposefully to highest individual requirements, based on specific know-how and extensive knowledge of the industry.


We operate your strategy, build new value chains and processes to achieve business excellence. We have been working successfully with our network partners for many years.


Together with our professional experts, we leverage synergies and ensure competitive advantages along the entire value chain of your company.

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Image of Eckardt

Eckardt Grethlein

Founder & CEO

I believe in the power of Lean Thinking with a people-centric approach. That was the intention behind founding lean value. The route is the goal. We develop talent, build excellent processes and make our partners strong for the future.

Dr. Martin Feldmann


I always use lean management in the sense of guided change and thus significantly advance your processes and your employees as an agile value scout. Digitization succeeds when processes, structures and goals are in harmony. With this objective, our joint work will be successful.

Dr. Martin Feldmann
Joachim Scherer

Joachim Scherer


I accompany people and companies in the development of perspectives and on their way to further growth. With passion, empathy, methodical competence and a lot of experience from change projects.

Dr. Ulrich Lamshoeft


It has been my concern for many years to consider and optimize the supply chain both within companies and beyond. For me, taking a pragmatic approach means always considering the customer and their level of development in an appropriate manner when selecting solutions, systems and tools in order to achieve truly sustainable improvements.

Image Dr. Ulrich Lamshoeft
Image Lars Hackl

Lars Hackl


“Transformation is a question of action. And it starts with leadership”. As a change expert and coach, it is my passion to recognize behavioral patterns and causes and to achieve a change in mindset through personality development and communication. Now leaders inspire their employees to do their best.

Please talk to us about your specific industry.
Our list of clients includes…

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Core expertise

Benefit from our well-founded know-how for the healthcare market. The lean value employees have already worked in the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology or in hospitals and know how companies in the regulated market environment can be optimally advised.

Pharmaceutical Industry
Lady in laboratory
Man in laboratory
Pharma image

The pharmaceutical industry is currently facing considerable challenges. On the one hand, the demand for products and services in the healthcare market is increasing, on the other hand, the challenges are also increasing, for example due to price erosion, innovation and cost pressure, regulatory requirements, and the restructuring of global supply chains. Disruptive technologies and digitization act as both accelerators and enablers of change.

It is important to create added value for the customer, increase productivity and quality and thus gain freedom of movement for investments and innovations. These are essential factors for successful pharmaceutical companies.


lean value supports you in optimizing your processes along the value chain, raising production to a new future level using digital production solutions and efficient processes, freeing compliance, and laboratories from waste, and generating shorter development times and a realignment of the supply chain.


Our personal experience from industry know-how and successful projects, the involvement of your employees, the continuous improvement process and practice-oriented solutions guarantee the lasting success of your project.

Medical Technology
Scanning pregnant lady
Medical biotech
Medical technology
Increasing population and demographic change. The prospects for the medical technology companies appear to be excellent. But despite good growth opportunities, the prospects are clouded. Increasing demands, the pursuit of size and digitization are drivers of a transformation - away from the pure product towards patient-oriented complete solutions. In addition, companies are confronted with a price-sensitive market and increasing regulatory pressure.


The companies react by acquiring new competencies or mergers. It is therefore not surprising that changes in the portfolio, including new business models, can take place. This poses considerable challenges for companies, especially since the underlying processes have to be completely rethought.


lean value supports you in mastering the difficult tightrope walk between increasing requirements in regulation on the one hand and the opportunities of new processes and digitization on the other. Our solutions help to optimize your processes in all direct and indirect areas of the company and to implement ideas quickly and successfully. Lean processes in the development department make it possible to speed up complex approval processes. In addition, new technologies make it possible to further improve your processes in production and logistics. lean value supports you in converting to the networked factory of the future and in exploiting all the potential of Industry 4.0.

Hospital image 1
Xray hospital
Hospital surgery

The economic situation of German hospitals has been steadily deteriorating for years. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the pressure on healthcare professionals will increase significantly. At the same time, they are confronted with a variety of challenges. Increasing quality requirements, permanent cost pressure and problems in finding urgently needed key workers make the situation more difficult. A competition for medical specialists, nursing staff and the best possible equipment has broken out between the hospitals.

The aim of the hospitals is primarily to fulfill the duty of care as economically as possible, but also and precisely for this reason to win elective patients with lucrative services, competence, and high-quality care. This with simultaneous cost pressure. An almost impossible task.


Two thirds of the hospitals have therefore made efficient processes one of their strategic goals. But waiting times for patients of several hours show that there are huge problems with implementation. The employees in the hospital groan under the burden of increasing complexity and staff shortages in everyday life.


lean value has the competence and experience to look at products, services and processes from the customer and patient perspective as well as from the perspective of medical professionals. Our lean healthcare approach enables efficient and reliable workflows for all hospital services, including administration. In addition to the increase in quality, these also contribute to economic success and, last but not least, to employee and patient satisfaction.

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