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Less is more.
Lean is better.

We are lean value, your partner in business & digital transformation

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The infusion of lean thinking with value from digitization leads to increased agility & efficiency, enhanced client value, improved competitiveness, and even new business models.

The cornerstone to your company’s future

leanXdigital© – we tie together the best of both worlds. With a distinct focus on holistic solutions and passionate about detail, we create value without waste and drive your business and process to excellence enabling successful digital transformation.


Making complex things simple – our multidisciplinary team of experts finds simple solutions to complex issues. We implement and empower your employees to ensure sustainable success.

Our team has core expertise and broad experience in regulated environments (Medical, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences & Healthcare)

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Using our people-centric approach leads to tangible and measurable results. Unleash your company’s power and build real business value. 

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Lean Means

Voice of the Customer

Strategy Execution

Process Optimization

Production Flow

Operational Quality

Laboratory Efficiency

Organizational Flexibility

Shopfloor Management


Skill Development

Continuous Improvement

Digital Means

Data Analysis

Process Mining & Visualization

Data Stucturing

Greenfield Process Design

Workflow Automatization

Digital Competence

Customer Focus

Remove the barriers and help business flow

Together, we create new value chains and establish forward-looking systems, making your business resilient for a changeable and competitive future.

Our Key Services

Strategy Execution

In a time of rapid and radical change, it is essential to review and – if necessary – adapt the strategy.


Together we fine-tune your target-oriented development path and the positioning of your service range and value creation system.

A clear communication of this positioning ensures that your employees always know and pursue your company’s goal. This promotes motivation and ensures implementation in their daily work.

Digital Value Creation

"Optimization prior to digitalization". Inflexible processes with a high degree of non-value-adding effort as well as inappropriate hierarchical structures are the biggest obstacle to digitalization. That is why we first look at the existing processes, structures and then at the data.


Tying together our expert knowledge and skills with our broad experiences from lean and digital approaches, we achieve new levels of performance and efficiency, both on the shop floor and beyond.


Lean processes, transparency regarding structures and digitally available data are our base for all digitization business cases ranging from simply automation of business processes to integration of all players of a company’s supply chain to creation of new digital products and services and even new business models.

Organizational Flexibility

With more than 20 years of experience in successful lean and business transformations, we know that organizational flexibility is the core of success and sustainability.


Together with you, we design agile organizational structures which effectively support your optimized processes thus creating the basis for your organization to quickly react to changing market conditions.


Performance dialogues will help to embed the expected agile behaviour in daily routines.

Process Excellence

We know corporate processes inside out and are specialists in the regulatory environment. Together with your employees, we achieve excellent results through questioning existing processes, elimination of waste and re-design using the Greenfield approach.


Our methods are designed to improve the efficiency, quality, and service performance of end-to-end processes and achieve significant cost reductions. Once you went through this way of rigorous simplification and optimization, you are ready to start the digitalization of your business processes.


Quality and Efficiency

Quality, compliance and efficiency, a contradiction? We demonstrate how to overcome the annoying back and forth in a regulated environment and how to incorporate efficiency into the laboratory and compliance landscape.


Our proven Lean Lab approach, the essence of many years of experience in R&D, helps you make fact-based decisions, optimize your quality processes, and increase efficiency while ensuring compliance.

Skills Development

Our people-centred approach is all about you and your employees. Accepting the truth is a prerequisite for change to work.


We show you where the skill gaps are and help you to close them.


Our learning program provides a tremendous kick for your transformation. We train your staff in applying the whole range of Lean Management & Six Sigma – up to Lean Expert – using simple and instructive modules, tailor-made simulations, and interactive training sessions.


Profound, exciting and "out-of-the-box”: Our case studies provide a deep understanding of the methods and convey a culture of leadership and process quality.

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